Ceramic coating... Never wax again

Ceramic coatings are the ultimate in protection for your vehicle’s finish. Outlasting any natural waxes, synthetic sealants, and achieving the highest gloss levels, ceramic coatings protect against micro-marring, swirl induced washing, and make water bead like crazy on the surface.

Made from 100% high solid silica, these advanced nano particles come together to form a layer of protection above the clear coated surface of your paint that reaches up to a 10H hardness and is super hydrophobic. What does all this mean? This means that the new layer of protection not only is more durable, but stays cleaner, longer compared to conventional protection methods such as carnuba wax. The long lasting properties of ceramic coatings make maintenance of your vehicle painless and easy while adding extra durability.

But that is not where it ends. Ceramic Coatings can be applied to virtually any surface of your vehicle, not just the paint!



I highly recommend ZJ Detailing. My car looks better than the day it was purchased. I will definitely use these guys in the future with any new cars and will send friends and family their way!! Thank you for the awesome job!

-D. Carter

The quality of work and customer service is well worth the drive! Zach is very talented and professional!! I am happier with my truck after picking it up today than I was when I purchased it!

-B. Fogle

Zach’s attention to detail is second to none. He was highly recommended by several people and I am not disappointed. I will definitely use him again.

-R. Marcum

Coatings for every budget

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  • 24,000 Mile Warranty*

  • Premium High Solids Silica Coating

  • 9H Hardness

  • Ultimate Gloss & Shine

  • Hydrophobic, Repels Water, Dirt and Oil

  • Up to 2 Years of Extreme Protection

All ceramic coating packages include a multi-step hand wash, clay and Iron decontamination, multi-stage paint correction, and coating package prep. Additional services can be added to any of our ceramic coating packages.

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  • 60,000 Mile Warranty*

  • Premium 100% Solid Hybrid Silica Coating

  • 10H Hardness with silk-like feel

  • Ultimate Gloss & Shine

  • Super Hydrophobic, Repels Water, Dirt & Oil

  • Extreme Durability for Up to 5 Years

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  • Extreme Durability for Up to 9+ Years

  • Premium 100% Solid Hybrid Silica Coating

  • 10H Hardness with silk-like feel

  • Ultimate Gloss & Shine

  • Super Hydrophobic, Repels Water, Dirt & Oil

  • System X MAX can withstand even the strongest wash chemicals and bird droppings


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*Ceramic coating warranty terms and conditions governed by ZJ Detailing LLC. Applications need to be performed by ZJ Detailing LLC trained personnel or authorized Ceramic Coating Master Installer on a surface that is acceptable to us, and is maintained in accordance with our recommendations following all installation practices & guidelines as specified by  Ceramic Coatings or any updates thereof. ZJ Detailing LLC accepts no responsibility for damage resulting from neglect of the vehicle according to the prescribed regulations, damage caused by abrasive products of third parties, or damage caused by accident or voluntarily. Non-Refundable booking deposit is required at time of booking and is deducted off the total. No Call/no show for confirmed booking clients are subject to be charged remaining balance if not contacted with 24 hours after their scheduled appointment.