Paint Correction 


Paint correction is a term used to commonly describe the process of removing imperfections that dull, oxidize, or haze the surface of your vehicles paint by reflecting light in various directions that detract from a true and sharp reflection that we describe as a glossy finish. Damage due to bird droppings, acid rain etching, or other abrasive damage, cause swirl marks and fine scratches in the paint surface.

The vehicle’s paint color is usually covered with a “clear coat” which is a durable transparent urethane layer designed to protect the color coat or “base coat” of your vehicle’s painted surface. This clear coat behaves like glass in most instances, and like all glass, it too can be damaged over time.

Paint corrective services are not all the same however, while most car wash locations offer some sort of detailing service that includes a “buff job”, improperly trained staff using the wrong equipment and techniques often result in sub par results or often times, even more damage to the painted surfaces, sometimes beyond repair.

Here at ZJ Detailing, you will find no over the counter products that you can pick up at your local auto parts store on our shelves. Carefully chosen buffing pads, and compounds and polishes imported from the United Kingdom are selected for each vehicle’s specific paint type and condition. Our staff go through years of classes and training before they are ever allowed to touch a customer vehicle, so you know that your pride and joy will only ever receive the best care.