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Stay away from scratchy wash mitts and choose soft and safe

At ZJ Detailing we have tested out multiple wash mitts and brushes and over the years we have strictly chosen to wash with a microfiber wash mitt. We have found that the transfer from the body and pulling the dirt into the microfibers is much higher then a conventional brush. Which ultimately we want to reduce dirt and little rocks from becoming in contact with the painted surface. This reduces scratches and blemishes from occurring in your paint or into the brand new ceramic coating that you may have received.

Stay away from brushes that are not microfiber, as the chances of transferring dirt and rocks to your surfaces increase significantly.

Utilizing a high quality mitt, will prolong your coating and allow to pull the most off your vehicle.

They are Safe and effective on all surfaces, Non-scratch microfiber chenille weave - no exposed tag, High quality blue microfiber gently washes away dirt and debris, Seem inside the mitt for hand comfort and control without slipping off and machine washable.

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